My name is Lynda Lee. Welcome to my blog. I am a natural born psychic and intuitive reader. Find my writing and posts on my Blog Roll page. I offer distinctive, realistic and affordable readings for everyone. Different time lengths and pricing for readings is located on ‘Reading’ page. For new clients, I also add time to the beginning of the reading at no charge to establish a connection between us.

My Mother was a natural born psychic of Hungarian descent.  She had a hard time with it.  Earthquakes, plane crashes and disasters in general were an on going ordeal for her.  I had no idea how much they affected her.  She would say “I just know there’s going to be a plane crash.”  A similar comment could be about earthquakes, we lived in Southern California and they did occur.  She would watch the nightly news where the predicted disasters came about more often than not and she would suffer empathetically when they happened.  She couldn’t stop her premonitions anymore than she could stop the disasters.

She was kind to animals and never complained when I showed up with one that was injured or lost, including a horse that was losing her hoof from a horrific leg wound.  She understood that I couldn’t pass her up although I tried to. When Dahlia was healed up enough to travel my Mom who was on a tight budget surprised me with a second hand horse trailer, my Dad repaired it and donated his prize T-Bird for the 1,500 mile tow home.  After a year with the help of a teenage girl, Dahlia amazingly became a blue ribbon barrel racer unbeknown to me while boarding at her family’s farm.  Eventually that family and farm became her forever home.

Pet readings are welcome. If your pet is having a problem or any animal that you know of is, I can help by donating time to the reading.  I have experience with wild animals, farm animals, birds, reptiles, fish, dogs, cats, and pet store pets.

In 1990 a friend helped me to realize I had an ability as a psychic. I was able to hold onto someones drivers license photo and tell them about their lives using psychometry, which is the practice of holding an item belonging to the person and reading information from it.  To accomplish this, I prefer photos non – digital, however, I no longer need photos to conduct a reading.  I still maintain an interest in psychometry and enjoy ongoing exercises and experiments to forward my ability and accuracy as a working clairvoyant.  My present accuracy after a connection or link has been established with a client is around 90%.

Along with clairvoyance: clear seeing by it’s French translation;  I have also been gifted with claircognizance: clear knowing, which often joins with clairsentience: clear feeling, and clairaudience: clear hearing.  Anywhere during a reading the clairs appear and reappear with their extraordinary nuances.

I have conducted many hours of readings concerning health issues, past, present and future.  I am sensitive to human and animal health and injury concerns.  And have been told by my clients that I have helped them and their animals.  I have also wholeheartedly encouraged some clients to see their doctor for tests and care.  However, I am not liable for anyone choosing not to seek medical attention or a less than 100% accurate reading about their health or life.  I do endeavor to do my best with all reading subjects.



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